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Laodicea Ancient City is located 6 km north of Denizli. On the Denizli - Afyonkarahisar highway, you can reach the ancient city of Laodicea by continuing to the north from the intersection where the sales shops of the textile factories are located. In other words, if you follow the Pamukkale-Laodicea signs from Denizli city center, you can reach the ancient city of Laodicea with a 10-minute journey. It is a city established on a high hill (285 m altitude) in the middle of the Lykos (Çürüksu) Valley, where villages such as Eskihisar, Goncalı, and Bozburun, which are connected to Denizli province, are located. Due to its geopolitical location, it is a city that has been important and valued throughout history, both commercially and politically.