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Pamukkale is a natural site in Denizli province in southwestern Turkey. It contains the terraces and travertines of the carbonate minerals remaining of the Kent Thermal Springs and the flowing waters.

The ancient city of Hierapolis was built on the white “castle” having a total length of 2,700 meters, a width of 600 meters, and a height of 160 meters. Pamukkale can be seen from the hills on the opposite side of the valley in the 20 km away of center of Denizli. The ancient city of Laodicea is 5–10 km away of Pamukkale. There is Karahayit village which is an international thermal center is ahead of 5 km of it.

Pamukkale is included in the World Heritage List determined by UNESCO. Travertines; as well as visual richness, are good for heart ailments, rheumatism, digestion, respiration, circulation and skin ailments.